Convert Photo Negatives to Digital Files

Strips of Negative Film

EachMoment are expert digitisers of photo negatives and all other picture types, including prints, slides, APS, glass negatives and photo album pages. 

Our Memory Box system is the safest way to digitise photo negatives in the UK.

  • Free collection and re-delivery by the UK’s most secure courier.
  • Free cleaning and restoration by our team of specialists.
  • Free crush-proof Memory Box.

How to digitise negatives

1. Fill up a Memory Box

Convert Photo Negatives to Digital Files

• The crush-proof Memory Box arrives on your doorstep the day after you make an order.

• You fill it with your photo negatives as well as any other picture type and more. If you’re curious, you can check out everything else that we digitise.
• When you feel ready, we collect it via the UK’s safest courier for free.

2. We digitise

Convert Photo Negatives to Digital Files

• Our lab’s specialist restoration team safely clean & repair every negative that needs attention for free.

• We safely digitise your memories to the best possible quality. Choose to enjoy them on memory stick, DVD, or online album.

• The same high-security courier returns your Memory Box with your safely preserved digital memories, as well as your negatives.


3. Enjoy your digital memories

Convert Photo Negatives to Digital Files

• Now you can easily share and relive precious memories on any digital device, such as smartphone, tablet, computer, or TV.

• Laugh and cry when you get to see old times and old faces brought to life again.
• Feel secure knowing that your memories are safe forever. They will look as good in a hundred years as they do on the day they’re digitised, ready to be passed down the generations.

Why should I scan negatives?

Negatives are highly susceptible to humidity and can lead to your images becoming faded or even disappearing entirely.

n short, your negatives are your original images and they cannot be replaced. If they were lost in a household accident such as fire or flood, you would never be able to get them back.

Digitising will prevent further deterioration of your images and preserve them for many more years to come. As well as providing an opportunity to declutter around the home, converting your negatives to digital and DVD allows you to revive your old footage through re-watching it on your computer, laptop or mobile

What is the best way to preserve my negatives?


Scanning is the best way to ensure the photographs held on negatives will outstay their originals. EachMoment will scan your photographs and negatives in order to convert them to a digital format, with your choice of memory stick, DVD or online album.

Very few people have the correct equipment to digitise their negatives themselves as it’s hugely expensive. Digitising negatives through high street retailers is also more expensive and makes a far less personal gift than going through EachMoment.

Why wait? Convert your negatives to digital now!

 Once these steps are complete, your negatives are fully converted to digital and DVD, giving your images a new lease of life. It’s now time to relive and share your restored memories.

Preserving your precious memories or gifting a Memory Box to a friend or family member is an especially touching way to remind those closest to you how much you care about them.

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